GLO Rules

Simple rules for great fun

At GLO we have some simple rules that help kids get the most out of GLO together:

Traffic lights

At the front of the room is a traffic light, which is visible at all times. The coloured lights help your child to understand what's expected:

Red light means 'silent seats'. Children are expected to sit and listen carefully.

Amber light means 'hands up'. Children can take part by raising their hands and waiting for a leader to give them the opportunity to speak.

Green light means 'have fun together'. Children can get stuck in!


If a child forgets to follow these rules we have a set warning structure in place:

1st time: verbal warning 
2nd time: time out 
3rd time: yellow card; we contact you, the parent, to discuss your child’s behaviour.
4th time: red card; we ask the child not to come to GLO for one week and we contact you, the parent, to discuss your child’s behaviour.

Simple rules for great fun! 
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Wouter Vertegaal / 22/11/2020
We continue our look at the book of Revelation. 

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