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life together brandingWe believe God wants his church to live as a community, and life together is at the heart of who we are at Life Church. It's easy to feel on the fringe of things in larger meetings, so we want to be a church in both large and small contexts. Think of it like seating, in rows and circles: we want to be a church community both in rows on Sundays at TDA and in circles in small groups during the week.

At Life Church we call our small groups Life Groups. They are the best way to get connected with others; to make friends, to grow in faith and learn together; to apply Sunday's teaching to real life, praying, sharing communion and having fun together.

Our Life Groups run in a cycle of three 10-week terms each year, with a short break in between to catch breath, and then sign up for the next term. To develop friendships and grow together, we'd love everyone to try to attend every Life Group meeting during the term, if at all possible - and we've cleared the calendar to remove competing demands.  

There's something for everyone. You might choose a location by its location, meeting time, focus or leader. Some groups have a missional focus and you'll need to live nearby to join. Some groups are for a particular demographic, or are based around an activity or a specific theme. Some are joined by invitation. Sign up is open for two weeks, and some groups have a limited capacity, so don't hang around! We're making it as easy as possible for everyone at Life Church to join a Life Group. Browse the groups on offer and click the button to sign up: simple!

See our mid-week discipling communities on a map (you may need to zoom out to see them all):

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 Part 9 (Download MP3)
Goff Hope / 29/11/2020
This week we are joined from Norwich by Joff Hope who will lead us through the next chapter in Revelation. 

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