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At Life Church we are looking to build church the way they did it in the Bible. In the New Testament there were two types of leadership within the church.

First, there were elders (also called overseers or pastors) - men who took the ultimate responsibility for leading, teaching, caring for and protecting the church. Second, there were deacons - men and women who worked alongside the elders to help them, by running and coordinating various aspects of church life.

You can read about this in the Bible:

  • Acts 20:28 
  • 1 Peter 5:2
  • Hebrews 13:17.

Meet the elders

Life Church has three elders, of whom Wouter works full-time for Life Church, and Sam part-time. Find out more about our elders here:

Wouter & Simone Vertegaal


Wouter Vertegaal

Sam & Susannah



Phil & Liz Angell


Phil Angell

Meet our some of our other teams

Life Group leaders

Life Church staff 

Life Church Staff
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 Part 9 (Download MP3)
Goff Hope / 29/11/2020
This week we are joined from Norwich by Joff Hope who will lead us through the next chapter in Revelation. 

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